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Medical Team Performing Surgical Operati

The "Society for Surgical Research and Training" has the purpose of supporting further education and  training in the field of surgery on the one hand and supporting new surgical methods, different research fields and the transfer of knowledge on a national and international level on the other.

Particularly with a focus on new treatment options and the latest research findings, it is important to enable national and international knowledge transfer.

By organizing and / or participating in workshops, training courses and congresses, the exchange of new but also well-established therapy methods should be optimized.

In addition to the advanced training of experienced colleagues, a focus should also be on promoting young talent and therefor we offer a yearly "Young surgeons" award.

In order to be able to guarantee this knowledge transfer at the highest level and to consolidate Graz as a location in the middle of Europe, national and international cooperations are wanted.

In the field of research, own research projects are to be implemented and the focus is on young talent.

With the measures listed, the association should make a significant contribution to the promotion of national and international knowledge transfer as well as research funding at the Graz location.

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